We help domain expertise, non-technical founders launch their startup idea

Felt Creative is the fastest way from idea to software product. Our process gets a minimal viable product in the marketplace that way you can test assumptions, find product market fit, and raise your next round of capital. You're the expert with the idea, we'll help you build it.

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Felt Creative is an independent design-led studio based in Bloomington, IN. We create design-led products and business like Griffy's Art Supply. We’re not a venture firm, but every once in awhile we work with partners on new ideas.

We believe in building businesses that put the importance of design front and center. We care deeply about building ideas that last and because of this we lean toward businesses and founders that are experts in their industry. We tend to focus on projects that we would want to use ourselves and make the world a better, more enjoyable place.

We value the scrappy ideas and love to get our hands dirty. This is why we utilize any product that will lead us to iteration faster. Some people call it "no-code". Call it what you will, we just like building things.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of budget do I need to get started?

Great question. Of course, that all depends on the complexity of your idea. Generally we would say you'll need between $10-20k.

How fast can we launch?

We can give you an exact timeline, but because of our process we can have you onboarding customers or users in 1-3 months.

How do you build products?

We piggy back off other products. We use products like bubble, zapier, airtable, or webflow to get you from idea to real product.

Don't I need a development team?

We don't think so. At least not at this stage in your startup journey. We fill a key role in the life of your startup. If you're not a technical founder we think a better way to start a software product is to test your idea with real people. You don't want to spend $200k of development before you've tested the idea. Not to mention you can't raise a seed round without some kind of product market fit. That's where we come in. We help you build a working version 1 of your product. With this you can find product market fit and use that momentum to raise a round of funding, thus, giving you the ability to hire a development to team to build version 2.

I can onboard real users with this?

For all intent and purpose this is a real product. Don't think about what we are building in terms of a second rate or inferior product. Rather, we consider this a stepping stone to the future. While we may have to do some creative things to make certain features work, we'll build you a real working product nonetheless. You'll be able to test your assumptions and discover how real customers use your product—not just people clicking around in a mock-up.

How do we get started?

Please fill out a quick form on the Proposal page and we'll get back to you. From there we'll schedule a meeting, determine if we're a good fit, and discuss timeline and budget.