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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't get the results I'm hoping for?

Great question. We only require a 3 month commitment, then we go month-to-month afterwards. So if that worries you, let's set some expectations together first.

What kind of reporting do you offer?

You have access to your own 24/7 custom dashboard. From there, we also send you weekly updates on the work we're doing.

How much do you cost?

This depends on the scale you’d like to run ads. Unlike most agencies we want to be very transparent about our pricing. You can see our price tiers above.

How much research do you do?

We research as we can while keeping in mind that putting your ads up and testing is the best way to learn.

How fast will I start to see results?

This depends on the system you have in place to sell to leads. While you’ll start to see increased traffic almost immediately, we continue to improve performance over time.

Aren’t people leaving Facebook?

There are currently 2.32 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Despite the platform being in the news, it’s numbers continue to increase month over month. Also over 1 Billion people use Instagram and they grow by 5% every month. This makes Facebook and Instagram the best value for digital advertising.